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We are a Danish, family-owned restaurant chain with a vision that all our guests must be satisfied

The story about Restaurant Flammen

Restaurant Flammen comes originally from South Jutland, where the idea for the restaurant came about in 1996. The idea for the concept began a bit random at the family-owned inn, Fole Høkerkro. The inn was situated above an old merchant shop and was originally the place for wine tastings and small dishes were served. The interest in wine tasting would prove to be greater than the family had expected and an expansion was inevitable. At the same time, the inn had to be turned into a real dining restaurant. In connection with the change to a real dining restaurant, the family knew full well

that they would operate a slightly different restaurant, i.e. a restaurant with a large grill buffet where all guests could have their requirements met and be satisfied!

Today, Restaurant Flammen's restaurants are located several places in the country, where the first one opened in 2009 in Kolding. All of Restaurant Flammen's values originate from Fole Høkerkro where a large grill buffet with food from good raw ingredients was served with the vision that all guests must be satisfied. We continue to carry these values.

The owners of Restaurant Flammen, the Sunddal family. The parents Flemming and Ketty and the children Kristina and Martin.
Evening menu
The menu consists of many kinds of meat, all of which have been carefully selected. Our carvers are waiting for you at the grill to tell you all about your choices. To top things off, we also have a large salad bar and various hot side dishes.

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