Birthday special offer - free softice

Planning to celebrate your birthday at Flammen? Then we will provide free Soft ice for the entire table.

Birthdays are very special days. It is a wonderful feeling when you wake up on your birthday. Maybe you are woken by your loved ones as they sing a special birthday song, maybe you will take cake into work or school or maybe you have a long-held tradition in your family where you eat out on your birthday. One thing is certain, on your birthday you are given lots of special attention. Because it is your day. And you can celebrate the day in a big way – even if you are all grown up. Perhaps especially because you are grown up.

We would love to spoil you on your birthday. But why stop there? We want to give soft ice to the entire table. We think you should be really spoiled on your birthday. So we want your evening to end on a sweet note.

Best birthday wishes from us to you – we hope your birthday is a very special day.

Do not forget: Bring some valid ID, e.g. a driving licence, passport or national health service medical card.

The special offer applies when you eat the buffet in our restaurant. The special offer can be used on the day that your birthday falls on. The special offer cannot be combined with any other discounts. The special offer runs from January 2nd to June 30th 2019. 

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